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Foshan Mengruo Household Furniture

Foshan Mengruo Household Furniture Co.Ltd  MENGRUO Mattress Factory, established in 2001, is a professional integrated mattress enterprise which engages in the design, research, development, production and marketing of different kinds of mattress, such as Spring mattress, Foam mattress, Latex mattress, Coconut mattress, Hotel mattress , Baby&kids’ mattress and so on...


Main Product Categories


Full range of products

Our product series include export compression mattress, spring mattress, sponge mattress, latex mattress, coir mattress, hotel mattress, baby mattress, folding mattress and many other product series



The company has Germany, Italy, Japan and other single-sided knitting machine, rib double-sided machine, complete machine specifications, and has strong technical force and new product development capabilities


Selected raw materials

Regularly provide new fabric samples and new product information to domestic cooperative manufacturers


One-Stop-Shop Satisfaction

Customers come to process and order mattresses, from cost, quality, service providers continue to improve, perfect, in order to meet the customer's high expectations of us.



mattress good material

Memory Foam A memory foam mattress will give you the best sleep, especially if you sleep on your side. It gradually forms around your body shape as you sleep so it offers plenty of comforts. It also supports your shoulder and hips well if you sleep on your side or your back if you sleep on that. The memory foam contours around your body so you're partly surrounded by the mattress. This type of mattress also resists the tendency to sag in the centre so you won't need to flip the mattress. Gel With this type of mattress, a gel is added to foam to give you an even better night sleep than you get on a memory foam mattress. If you have memory foam, you'll be aware that it has the tendency to absorb your body. Consequently, your body heats up which is fine in the winter but not great when it's boiling hot outside. Smart gel mattresses combat the rising heat as the gel dissipates body heat very effectively. This type of mattress is not for everyone so try before you buy. Innerspring These mattresses use metal springs to support your body during the night. The number of coils in the mattress tends to signify its quality. The distribution of the coils and the number of them determine how well you'll sleep. Whether you're a back, tummy or side sleeper, you'll find this type of bed comfortable.


Healthy Back

As well as getting sleep, a great mattress can also help you to maintain a healthy back. Statistics from the Office for National Statistic show that 31 million work days were lost in 2016 due to back pain. If you'd rather not add to that number, invest in a quality mattress. Mattresses don't come cheap but you don't need the top of the range mattress. You'll need to invest more than ?200 to get a decent mattress. Overall, the bed and mattress should be around ?700 at least, although a ?1,000 budget will get you a comfortable sleep.


When to Change the mattress

According to experts, you should change your mattress every seven to eight years. You should also change it when if you're waking up in pain. If you have back pain or neck pain or numbness when you awake, it's time to change the mattress. Are there any visible signs of sagging? Can you feel or see any indentations? If there are any areas that feel uneven, it's time to get a new mattress. Your mattress might come with a warranty. If it does, the time limit the warranty covers is another indicator of its lifespan.