Fabric manufacturers how to get out of the market downturn


Since the second half of 19 years, the market demand for double-sided tweed products has weakened significantly, with a large number of stagnant sales and inventory backlogs in both fabrics and garments, and the hot double-sided tweed fabric market of previous years has rapidly turned cold. For each relevant manufacturer, whether they switch to other categories of products or continue to persist, they need to make timely changes to their business strategies.

Most manufacturers obviously pay more attention to scale production relative to product research and development, and are obsessed with seeking fast in research and development, imitating existing models, which often leads to homogenization of products and sales models. The proliferation of homogeneity, marketing methods of the old-fashioned, terminal wait and see and new demand to meet the reasons, is the main factor of double-sided tweed fabrics and clothing downhill. In addition, most double-sided tweed manufacturers of marketing mainly take the wholesale model, the overall marketing lack of retail thinking, lack of systematic marketing programs, but also lack of risk control awareness.