"Internet +" dyeing and finishing, how do you see it?


Printing and dyeing is also called dyeing and finishing. It is a kind of processing method and a general name for pre-treatment, dyeing, printing, finishing, washing, etc. Printing and dyeing has a long history in China, as early as the Stone Age, our ancestors mastered the technology of printing and dyeing. Nowadays, with the continuous advancement of industrialization and the rapid progress of science and technology in China, printing and dyeing has been growing rapidly. Especially, the market demand for fabrics has been strengthening, which has further promoted the development of printing and dyeing industry. 

But in recent years , with the development of Internet, it has driven the development of informationization and technology in China, which has played a role in promoting the technical progress of printing and dyeing industry. At the same time, the popularity of the Internet has, to a certain extent, promoted the innovation of marketing methods in the printing and dyeing industry. The development mode of "Internet + dyeing industry" can not only integrate offline dyeing enterprises, carry out online promotion, promote the complementary advantages of dyeing enterprises and realize centralized operation. And through the Internet, printing and dyeing enterprises can face consumers directly, reduce intermediate links, save intermediate costs and clear backlog inventory.