Printing and dyeing factory operation is good, the workshop shift leader to deal with production management methods is very important


Workshop management in printing and dyeing factory: The workshop team leader is the main communication bridge between the company and the production staff. The good or bad management of the company's team leader will directly affect the production progress and product quality of the company's products. Only when the team is full of vitality, the company will have vigorous vitality and can stand invincible in the fierce market competition for a long time. 

The special position of the team leader determines that he should take different positions to the three classes of personnel: facing the subordinates, he should stand on behalf of the operator and speak with the voice of the leader; facing the operator, he should stand on the position of reflecting the voice of the subordinates and speak with the voice of the subordinates; facing his direct superior, he should stand on the position of the subordinates and the superior personnel.