Silver fiber fabric can detoxify, is it true?


Silver fibers generally do not detoxify moisture.

Silver fiber is a high-tech product obtained through a special technology that permanently combines a layer of pure silver on the surface of the fiber. This structure not only makes the silver fiber maintains the original textile properties, but also gives it the magical function that silver has.

The main component of silver fiber is metallic silver, silver is not the effect of dampness and toxicity. Silver surface blackening is not due to the absorption of moisture in the human body, or detoxification function caused. Silver black and personal constitution, someone sweat will contain sulfide substances, if contact with silver jewelry will produce silver sulfide, silver sulfide is black, which gives the illusion that silver is unable to detoxification.

Note that although silver fiber has radiation protection, strong deodorant, etc., but in a thunderstorm may not wear, because silver has a high degree of electrical conductivity, if there is no umbrella in a thunderstorm, there may be a risk of electrocution. Wearing silver fiber clothing should also try to avoid contact with the power supply, so as not to conduct electricity and thus endanger the health of the body.