Platinum cotton is what fabric


What is the fabric of platinum cotton? Platinum cotton is not pure cotton? In fact, this fabric is platinum velvet, platinum velvet is a combination of fiber, yarn and tissue characteristics, and then with the dyeing process in the shrinkage of tweed, grinding velvet, shearling, wash, flocking and so on finishing production of the appearance of the guys, which are their image of the name.

This platinum cotton we are not in life like cotton, hemp, a variety of velvet so common, because this fabric is not so much used, like the kind of imported platinum cotton may be our hotel bath towels on the fabric is this fabric.

Platinum cotton is what fabric Platinum cotton is not pure cotton

We have studied chemistry know that platinum in the periodic table of elements is in the VIII group, platinum is the metal. Platinum metal it is a black powder, we are called platinum black, this substance is soluble in aqua regia. This is generally accumulated on the surface of asbestos or other porous substances, and if we immerse asbestos in a solution of chloroplatinic acid or ammonium chloroplatinate, after taking out and burning, we will get platinum cotton. Because substances like platinum black and platinum wool can adsorb large amounts of hydrogen, oxygen and other gases, this can react in many gases can be used as catalysts, we generally use hydrogen electrodes or other gas electrodes. Platinum black can also be made by adding zinc or magnesium reduction to the platinum salt solution.

Source: Global Textile Network